Post Treatment Update 4/20/18

Update: It was a long day yesterday but grateful that everything went well. Ray is still experiencing a lot of pain and we hope that the chemo will start doing its job with the cancer. Ray received his first day of chemo yesterday and will receive chemo until Monday. He's happy to be home for treatments and is resting well. The side affects are different than the ones before so he’s having a hard time adjusting. We ask that you pray that Ray will adjust quickly to the new treatments and that he can handle any side effects. We also ask that you please pray for those who are sick and thief families as well. We’ve met so many and have heard so many stories about others that are not well. We want to make sure prayers go out to them. Thank you to all our Prayer Warriors, Friends and Family for your prayers, support and love. We could not do all this with out you. God is an amazing God to have blessed us with so many angels. #RayStrong #RayofLight


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