Shine your light

youth vocal competition

Raymond Cruz valiantly fought a battle with Stage 4 Ewing-like Sarcoma from 2017-2019. Throughout his battle, he was given the opportunity to share his message of hope with people through his music, from the hallways of Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital to the stage of the Ryman. Ray and his mother, Blandina, started the Shine Your Light Youth Vocal Competition in 2019 to raise funds for the Vanderbilt Children's Hospital where Ray received his treatments.

Ray's family and friends will continue the competition in Ray's name and with his spirit guiding them.

competition & audition information

2021 registration & audition information


Registration & auditions are now closed.

2021 Competition information

The official competition will take place at the Williamson County Performing Arts Center at Academy Park in Franklin, TN on May 8, 2021 from 6-8 pm. Academy Park is located at 112 Everbright Avenue. Tickets will be sold on the WCPAC website

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Congratulations to the finalists who will perform on May 8.
The finalists are: 


Atteesha Dixit  

Evalyn Dewberry

Emily Dengate

Middle School: 

June Plum

Madeline Marshall

Zander Kelm 

Madison Dewberry

Vanessa Kanagasundram

Vivian Clark 

Ashley Dengate

Annaross Wetzel

Maya Sivaraman

Ava Ericson

Mahalee Shandoff

Julianne Vessel

Ava Melvin

High School:

Varshinee Subramanian

Sam Holt 

Gabby Miller

Savannah Grace 

Ella Martinez

Emily Tokarz

Kennedy Belle

Daniel M. Silva

Annalaura Lyons

Matt Silva