Shine your light
youth vocal competition

presented by dreams do come true princess parties
honoring raymond cruz.


A portion of proceeds will be donated to the Vanderbilt children's hospital.


Raymond Cruz valiantly fought a battle with Stage 4 Ewing-like Sarcoma from 2017-2019. Throughout his battle, he was given the opportunity to share his message of hope with people through his music, from the hallways of Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital to the stage of the Ryman. Ray and his mother, Blandina, started the Shine Your Light Youth Vocal Competition in 2019 to raise funds for the Vanderbilt Children's Hospital where Ray received his treatments.

Ray's family and friends will continue the competition in Ray's name and with his spirit guiding them.


competition & audition information


Due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, we have decided to postpone the competition until further notice.

Thank you for your support.



registration information

Audition video submission rules:


Preliminary Video Audition 

Deadline for submission is  


Recording Location

You should record your video in the spirit of a live audition or performance. You may record at home with good natural acoustics with without an audience. You should dress professionally, as you would for a live audition or performance

Recording Instructions

  1. Your camera should record from a fixed position as if three adjudicators were seated in front of you.

  2. You should face straight forward to the camera as you would appear to adjudicators in a live audition.

  3. Your video recordings must clearly show your face and most of your upper body.

  4. Your song must be 2 minutes or less



You must sing with an accompaniment track with no background vocals accompanying.



  1. Introduce yourself (first and last name, age and song selection) at the beginning of the video. Ex. "My name is— I will sing— Title of Song— by Artist Name——."

  2. You must perform your song from memory on your recording. Do not read lyrics during your song.

Invalid Videos

The following video problems would make them invalid:

  1. Videos recorded with guided vocals and background vocals

  2. Video’s with songs longer than 2 minutes

  3. Videos with “private’ sharing options (see below under "alternative submission methods).

  4. Videos that pan and zoom during performances.

  5. Videos using additional recording equipment other than the camera on your phone.

  6. Videos that are digitally altered.

Methods of Submission: 




Please note that you must select "unlisted" in the Privacy settings found under the broadcasting and Sharing Options section when uploading your video file to YouTube.

You must share the link to and 


Dropbox and Google Drive

You must share or email link to and

competition rules and regulations

  1. Participants must be a resident of Tennessee or a surrounding state.

  2. First-place winners of past Shine Your Light Competitions may not participate.

  3. Age criteria for participants and division levels is firm. The participant must be between 5-18 at the time of auditions.

  4. The length of preliminary audition songs are limited to 1.5 minutes.

  5. The length of final competition songs are limited to 2.5 minutes.

  6. Participants who performing longer than the allotted times are subject to point deductions and disqualification.

  7. Participants may perform their song of choice with a backing track, however, the backing track must NOT include any recorded lead vocals. Any pre-recorded track with audible lead vocals is not permitted and the contestant will be disqualified.

  8. No instruments, bands or accompaniment permitted. This is a vocal competition only.

  9. All recorded backing tracks must be placed on an iPod, iPad or phone in a separate folder labeled SYL. All locks and passcodes must be removed and devices must be placed on Do Not Disturb. Please label your device with your first and last name. If your iPod, iPad or Phone needs an adapter you must also provide one. REMEMBER to make sure your device is charged up. We are not responsible if your device or music does not play. Check it ahead of time or bring a backup. 

  10. Preliminary auditions will be capped at 35 max participants per division.

  11. Those wishing to audition must complete the online registration form

  12. Performances for the final competition will be capped at 20 max participants per division.

  13. The judging panel will comprise a minimum of three music industry professionals. Judges will score contestants based on skill, technical ability, stage presence, audience appeal, originality and overall performance. The judges' decisions are final.

  14. Each division will have a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner. Cash prizes will be award to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners in each division. The amount of the cash prizes will be determined based on the registration fees collected. Prizes will be announced on March 30, 2020.

  15. Winners (or their parent/guardian) will be required to fill out a state-issued W-9 tax form. The form must be completed and turned in before cash prize will be given out.

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